Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Two days of arcade building

Last week I (Elias) and Viktor (graphic artist) worked on the arcade machine. We had some help from our carpenter sponsor "A&M Stolt AB" who visited us from the mainland.
Luckily we had two days of great production and no problems with lack of material or what so ever.
Before "Anders Stolt" (the carpenter) visited Gotland, the group and I had planned how we wanted the arcade machine to look like and all the measurements we wanted. Therefore the work went very smoothly. There are still much work to do on the machine but this was a great start for us. Here are some pictures from both working days.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

A quick update

Been a while now since our last post. We've been busy writing stuff almost constantly, but none of which was actual blogposts :) We've been busy coding, making art and creating content to enable playtesting in a near future. I think we're all looking forward to that! :) Below is some of our work, both our very first mockup sketch, aswell as new and "about to be implemented"-stuff.
A very early concept mockup

Some tree concepts and ideas

Art content and concepts are going forward in a steady pace. Here's a concept of one of our characters, drawn by our amazing artist Love Gunnarsson:

the awakening of our nature character

On another front, we've actually built our arcade machine! As one of us had a visit from a dad with awesome carpenter-skills, we pulled some strings and managed to get the go-ahead on buying the material needed for our machine. Creds to Elias and his dad! As you can see here, things are going steady forward. :)

Catch you soon!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Design planning in school

Images from development on the 7:th of April. We are making design decisions, jotting down important notes on the white board in school.

On these pictures we are discussing the features and design choices that Daniel clarifies in the last post on the blog. We have worked a lot on simplifying the game and making it more casual but also on the construction on the arcade machine and the interaction with it. We have gone through various stages to come up with the best types of controls for the game. We have discussed new types of media like controlling parts of the game with a brain wave detector or perhaps on using ball that the player has to scroll to choose ones elements which one uses as attacks and defense.

We have also made sketches for what our booth will look like at GGA (Gotland Game Awards). We want to make the players believe that they are standing on the real battlefield represented in the game when playing. Therefore we want to color one of the walls in the booth in the same way as the environment in the game. We would also think it be cool to place objects from nature in the booth giving it an even greater feel of the nature we try to convey in the game.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Progress, progress and more progress!

At this writing moment the whole group is gathered and is sketching out ideas, improvements and changes to our game design. The very first draft, which was still at a conceptual stage, landed on 86 combinations and attacks. After receieving feedback from our mentors, we understood that we had to narrow it down ... We have today taken huge steps in the direction of simplification, and we're now at approximately 10-14 combinations compared to the day before yesterday when we were looking at around 32 attacks. This is a work in progress, and we're still ironing out the last few quirks and tweaks of our new system. Stay tuned for more info!

By the looks of it, we now have the following basic elements:


Each element in turn has a combination with another element:

The order doesn't matter, so Fire-Ice is the same as Ice-Fire.

More updates soon, maybe even tomorrow which will be our very first day of production as a preparation for a presentation in a few days!

See you around! =)

First post!

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