Saturday, 24 April 2010

A quick update

Been a while now since our last post. We've been busy writing stuff almost constantly, but none of which was actual blogposts :) We've been busy coding, making art and creating content to enable playtesting in a near future. I think we're all looking forward to that! :) Below is some of our work, both our very first mockup sketch, aswell as new and "about to be implemented"-stuff.
A very early concept mockup

Some tree concepts and ideas

Art content and concepts are going forward in a steady pace. Here's a concept of one of our characters, drawn by our amazing artist Love Gunnarsson:

the awakening of our nature character

On another front, we've actually built our arcade machine! As one of us had a visit from a dad with awesome carpenter-skills, we pulled some strings and managed to get the go-ahead on buying the material needed for our machine. Creds to Elias and his dad! As you can see here, things are going steady forward. :)

Catch you soon!

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